College Football Futures 2017: Keeping Score!

Written by Sam Pearce

We started the college football season with an excellent futures discussion back in August.  Which teams are going over?  And which ones are stuck under their Vegas-predicted win totals for the 2017 season? Kevin and I had a lot to say - maybe too much - but if you listened, then you probably want to keep us honest.  So here it is:  Every futures pick from the podcast from both of us.  Check back throughout the season and we'll update our progress.

Is Clemson Up for Another 10 Win Season? Photo by Mark McInnis


Kevin ACC Teams Sam
Under Clemson: 9.5 Over
Under Louisville: 9 Under
Over Miami: 9 Under
Over Syracuse: 4.5 Over
Kevin Big 12 Teams Sam
Under Oklahoma: 10.5 Under
Under Oklahoma State: 9 Under
Under Texas: 7.5 Over
Kevin Big Ten Teams Sam
Under Michigan: 10 Over
Under Michigan State: 6.5 Under
Under Minnesota: 7.5 Under
Under Nebraska: 7 Over
Over Penn State: 9.5 Over
Under Wisconsin: 10.5 Under
Kevin Pac-12 Teams Sam
Under Stanford: 9.5 Over
Under UCLA: 6.5 Under
Under USC: 10.5 Under
Over Washington: 10 Over
Kevin SEC Teams Sam
Under Alabama: 11.5 Under
Over Auburn: 8.5 Over
Under Florida: 8 Over
Under Georgia: 8.5 Under
Under LSU: 9 Under
Over Ole Miss: 5.5 Under
Under Tennessee: 7.5 Under

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What do you guys think?  How are we doing so far?


Sam often picks with his heart rather than his head. Or he tries too hard to hedge the other way. You can fade his picks; it won't hurt his feelings.
Need power picks and the power sweep, both? Then look no further than Kevin's picks. This Western Pennsylvania football product knows the game as well as anyone.