The Team

Meet our talented team of writers, podcasters, and contributors:


Sam Pearce

Co-founder of both and, Sam enjoys very few things as much as a good football weekend.  When he's not podcasting or writing, you can find him tailgating at the Syracuse games or arguing with Jeff at Good Buddy's.

Twitter:  @samuelwpearce


Jeff Brinson

Co-founder of both and, Jeff takes Giants games a little too seriously.  He's also the best daily fantasy player east of the Mississippi.  (self-proclaimed)

Twitter:  @jdeber2


Kimberly Ann Maley

Our resident Green Bay Packers expert, "KAM" still can't choose between Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.  But she did choose a lot of college football winners last year:  To the tune of a 54% winning percentage ATS!  So when she gives you her picks for college or pro, you better listen.

Twitter:  @kimberlymaley


Payton Richer

The product of a Giants-Cowboys mixed marriage, Payton picks games as well as anyone:  For the 2016 season, she picked NFL games at an astounding 56% ATS!  When she's not watching football, you can find her being the best bartender in town.  

Twitter:  @paytonricher