College Football Picks - Week 3

Written by Sam Pearce

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Week Two was an excellent College Football weekend.  Channel flipping between those four prime time games and trying a couple new IPA's is a pretty unbeatable Saturday night.  Week Three's schedule doesn't look quite as enticing, but sometimes those are the craziest Saturdays.  We've got 12 great picks for you. Read on or listen to our College Football Season Preview pod if you need even more analysis. Here we go:

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Pick-6 for NFL Week 1

Written by Sam Pearce

We're back after a VERY long off-season. Too long. But now it's NFL Week 1 and our Pick-6 is back. The Pick-6 is our weekly column for picking NFL winners.  Six of us pick six games every week.  (Sometimes a few more than six...) We of course pick against the spread, typically using the Tuesday lines.  We pick throughout the regular season and the NFL Playoffs, all the way to the Super Bowl.  


Sam and KAM typically give their picks away on the podcast so if you want them in advance (and who doesn’t?), then listen to the show! You can also check back here for updated season standings.  Think you can out-pick us?  Hit us up on Twitter and we’ll chat. 


Kansas City Chiefs Commentary: The Final Charge of Alex Smith?

Written by Jeremy DeBottis

***Editor's Note: Jeremy DeBottis is here at to weigh in this year on the Kansas City Chiefs.  Jeremy will be picking the NFL games with us every week and dropping Chiefs knowledge on the website. Be sure to listen to him on the podcast too.  And read up on his excellent commentary regarding the Chiefs postseason chances, and their offseason quarterback decisions.***

Alex Smith has been in full control of the Chiefs offense this season. But will the team have enough postseason success to bring him back in 2018? 
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